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 HR Association – an association of active people, who are not indifferent to address topical issues of technology management personnel. Search, development, and listening to members of the Association of efficient technologies based on domestic and foreign experience.

«HR sounds good and expensive. We want to make this profession respected, its necessity, complexity, depth and versatility and as a consequence understood, the true HR - Professionals adequately assessed"

Purpose: To make a profession of management specialist on staff not only attractive and trendy, but also respected in the community.


  • Formation of community of professionals and interested persons working in labour relations and personnel management (human resources) (involved in providing services, research, training and development, information dissemination in the field of personnel management);
  • To assist in forming a civilized and efficient market for labour;
  • Promote the establishment of professional standards of HR specialists and HR consulting field, based on international experience;
  • Dissemination of advanced human technology on the labour market and in organizations;
  • Organizing and maintaining the conditions for open professional dialogue to help create a favorable climate in the industry, the formation of a developed legal culture, and ensuring coordination of interests of government, business and labour;
  • Linkages between the developers of legislative and regulatory acts in the sphere of relations, employers and employees and other agents of the recruitment market.

Association Board plans to undertake the following activities:

  • Fostering of creation effective systems of personnel management and human resource management, dissemination of advanced human technology on the labour market and institutions;
  • To promote career and professional growth of individual members of the Association;
  • Study, compilation and dissemination of advanced domestic and foreign experience in the field of personnel management;
  • Participation in research in the field of personnel management and various aspects of the labour market;
  • Organization of conferences, round-the words, scientific workshops, exhibitions, competitions, television programs and other activities within its objectives;
  • Organize and conduct an independent public scientific and practical expertise and the quality of services market entities of personnel management;
  • Giving expert opinions on specific problems of personnel management within the statutory purposes;
  • To promote public discussion of legislative changes in labour relations and personnel management, contributing to its development and optimization;
  • Participation in the publication of educational, reference and other literature on labour issues and activities of the Association, the dissemination of information, providing clarification in the field of labour law strictly within the statutory purposes;
  • Ensure members of the Association of literature and methodological developments, information and regulatory materials on the scope of the Association;
  • To promote and improve the professional prestige of the profession;
  • To promote the adoption of the Code of Ethics for HR professionals and management personnel.


Member of the Association may become a company (legal entity) any business, provided that it is a specialist dealing with various aspects of personnel management (and / or organization is planning to arrange this service) share the goals of the Association and is interested in cooperation.

We also invite organizations involved in research and development of new management techniques, training, and the company provides services in HR, as well as specialized publications.

  • Membership is voluntary.
  • Membership in the Association does not impose on its members to any restrictions in their primary and any other activity.
  • The Association provides membership entities.*

The Association provides two types of membership:

Full Members and Associate Members. Active member of Association may be businesses and organizations that recognize its Charter and participating in implementing the goals and objectives of the Association. Performing their duties to the Association, providing him a voluntary scientific and methodological, financial, organizational and other necessary assistance to facilitate the implementation of its statutory goals and objectives, paying an entrance, membership and earmarked contributions.

Associate members of the Association is open to companies and organizations, which by the nature of its activities related to the activities of the Association, interested in its development and can assist in achieving the goals and objectives of the Association.

Procedure for entry

Receiving a full member of the Association made pursuant to a written statement of the applicant.

To do this, contact a representative of the Association at tel.: 290 92 08 or e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра., postal address Republic of Belarus 220034, Minsk Zm. Byaduli str. 13, office103.

The adoption of a new member of the Association is considered by the Board of the Association in two week's time. If necessary, the Board meeting of the Association attended by representatives of organization - the candidate.

Membership is confirmed by a certificate member of the Association.

* However, the fact that member may only be a legal entity does not mean that a person (the expert, any organization that is not a member of the Association) may not take an active part in public affairs of the Association.

The Association specifically provides for several forms of mutually beneficial cooperation with active and interested professionals in the field of personnel management organizations not members of the Association.

We are looking for new ways of effective solutions together for the benefit of all members of our Association.